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Project Description
The SharePoint PowerShell Wizards provides a tool to help generate and support some of the PowerShell scripts needed to recreate aspects of your farm.

Using PowerShell in your SharePoint installations and deployments offers a lot of advantages and you can automate a lot. However, sometimes learning what scripts to write and run isn't always so straight-forward. For example, you may have a team of developers who are customising their local dev environments - installing service applications, configuring search etc, but they can't write the PowerShell scripts that are necessary to roll out those changes to other environments.


This is where this tool comes in. It has been designed to be used on your development environment to help to generate the scripts that are needed to replicate it. This tool will not generate every script to replicate every single setting you might, but it does do some. The intention is that someone can run this tool, get the basic scripts out which can then be used as a starting point - it very much is about education.

Please email me support at with any bugs or suggestions.

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